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portable mini-storage

Stow-N-Go has revolutionized the Mini-Storage concept in South Louisiana. Leading the path for others in the Industry, Stow-N-Go’s innovative thinking have combined both the concepts of Storage and Portable to create what is known as Portable Mini Storage. With their services, customers finally have unlimited options for their individual storage needs. The owners of Stow-N-Go, Thomas, & Lance have dedicated their lives to providing High Quality, Efficient, & Economical options for both the Temporary and Permanent extra Storage needs for individuals everywhere. Therefore, the importance of Customer Satisfaction is the Forefront of Stow-N-Go’s company Philosophy.

Stow-N-Go Portable Mini-Storage Services is Ideal For :

  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Marine Purposes
  • Packing & Moving – Locally and/or Long Distance Relocation
  • Home Improvement Projects – Small Projects or Extensive Renovations
  • Garage & Yard Sale Preparations or Storage Overnight
  • Commercial Renovation Projects – Small Projects or Extensive Renovations
  • Confidential Corporate and/or Personal Secure Storage – Client Files, Records, Accounting, etc.
  • Safe & Protected Storage for Valuable and/or Sentimental Property
  • Extra Space for Organizational Projects
  • Trade Show / Conventions – Storage & Transportation for Merchandise, Supplies, Booths, Tables, etc
  • Construction Jobs – Materials & Supplies
  • Seasonal Farming & Hunting – Camp, Ranch, and/or Farm Storage
  • Outdoor Festivals, Corporate Events, Summer Camps etc.
  • Temporary Storage Needs to Safely, Security Store Property Out of the Weather.

No Matter if you need Permanente or temporary storage, Stow-N-Go has you covered.
“Just Stow it, and We will Go with It!”


As a consumer, the benefit of having 24-7 easy access to personal belongings is a comfort worth being excited about, especially if you are planning to remodel. Now, you don’t have to fear the weather conditions or possible theft of your belongings during your home improvement project. Instead of placing your property outside on a back porch or carport, Safely and Securely store everything in a pre-delivered unit sitting in your driveway……..Just simply, Call for a Storage unit and Stow-N- Go can handle everything for you. Each unit is delivered to the location(s) of your choice for 24-7 easy access to all your belongings. Portable Mini-Storage is a revolutionary change from traditional mini storage. No more traffic or wasted time traveling to and from a storage facility. .

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Stow-N-Go’s Portable Mini Storage is the new alternative to the traditional way of moving, remodelling, and traditional storage methods.

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Stow-N-Go provides delivery and pickup to and from the location of your choice for Stow-N-Go units
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