Stow-N-Go has specialized in the construction of compeletly Customizable Buildings. Several designs including office buildings, guard shacks, & incluted, climate controled sheds are already pre-design and engineered. If a customer prefers a more custom design, Stow-N-Go will engineer and design building to suit just about any need. Stow-N-Go not only produces high-quaulity buildings for any design and budget, they stand behind there product to increase the satisfaction of their customers.

Stow-N-Go Portable Mini-Storage Services is Ideal For :

  • Insulated
  • Climate Controled
  • Office / Storage Combo



Stow-N-Go’s Portable Mini Storage is the new alternative to the traditional way of moving, remodelling, and traditional storage methods.

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Stow-N-Go provides delivery and pickup to and from the location of your choice for dumpstar and Stow-N-Go units
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